Pacific Clay Products Company

 The below excerpt is from "Depression Tableware Hardly Depressing!" by Jeffrey B. Snyder (
"The primary plant for the Pacific Clay Products Company was located in the Lincoln Heights district of Los Angeles, California. William Lacy brought together several disparate potteries in the early 1920s to create the firm. The company’s early products were focused on supporting California’s building boom of the 1920s, including brick, roofing tile, and terra cotta.

 When hard times hit, Pacific followed Bauer’s example, entering the new market for colored table and kitchenwares. Pacific brought forth a line of dining and serving pieces christened “Hostessware” shortly after Bauer introduced its popular California Colored Pottery in 1930. With a greater variety of wares available in the Hostessware line, Pacific’s offering gave Bauer stiff competition.
 The quality of Pacific’s colored wares was high. The streamlined styling and dynamic glaze colors were very appealing. Seven glaze colors were first offered: Apache Red, Delphinium Blue, Desert Brown, Jade Green, Lemon Yellow, Pacific Blue (a deep cobalt), and Sierra White. As the years passed, these colors would be altered and given new names.

 Pacific also offered hand painted underglaze decorations which varied in form from simple bands and spirals to more complex patterns. Alas, the Second World War brought end to the Pacific Clay Products Company’s promising pottery production as the company contracted with the government and turned its production toward military production."

With that introduction, I am attempting to start a catalog with pictures of the Pacific Hostessware dinnerware items. Many of the pictures were taken from eBay. The following is my growing list. The number in front is the number given by Pacific and found on the items under or backside. I would appreciate any input from our community in this effort. Please email me if you have any info to add to the list below.

The highlighted items I have pictures for. The others I don't. If you have pictures that I am missing please email me.

36-Small Bowl (5.25")
37-Onion Soup Bowl
201-Trivet and Casserole Lid
205- Ramekin
206-Custard Cup-New Style
207-Butter chip
209-9" Casserole
213-7.5" Serving Bowl/Pudding Dish
214- 8.5" Serving Bowl/Pudding Dish
221-Covered Roaster (18")
222-Baking Dish (6")
232-Grease Jar Salt Pepper Shakers
301-Batter Bowl
305-Cookie or Pretzel Jar
306-Condiment Jars,  apparently different sizes all marked 306
307-Demitasse Sugarbowl
308-Lidded Syrup Pitcher (#427 with lid)
310-Footed Bowl (9")
311-Punch Bowl (11")
312-Punch Bowl (14")
313-Punch Cup
314-13"Footed Salad Bowl
315-8" Footed bowl
403-Early Style Sugarbowl
404-Early Style Creamer
409-Large (5") Tumbler
410-Covered Water Bottle
411-Small (4.25") Tumbler
413- 15" Tab Handled Target Platter
416- Cheese and Cracker cover
417-Drip Coffeepot
418-Antique Tumbler
419-Ball Tumbler
420-Ball Pitcher
427-1/2 Pint Pitcher
428-1 Pt. Pitcher
429-1 Qt Pitcher
431-Barrel Tumbler
433-Footed Goblet
435-Long Spouted Syrup Pitcher
436-Waffle Batter Pitcher
438-Carafe/Coffee Bottle  w/Wood Handle
440-Eight Cup Teapot
442-Demitasse 6 Cup Coffeepot
443-Demitasse Individual Coffeepot
444-Oval 14" Tray
446-Small (4 Cup) Teapot (5.5"h)
447-Large (6 Cup) Teapot (7.5"h)
448-Jam/Condiment pot with metal handle
449-Mini Creamer
450-Mini Sugar
451-Target Tray (16")
452-Large Serve-All Tray
453-Buffet Bottle
458-1 Pt Restyled Pitcher
460-2 Qt Restyled Pitcher
461-Demitasse sugarbowl
462-Demitasse creamer
463-Lidded Sugar Bowl, restyled
464-Restyled Creamer
508-2 Qt Pitcher
601-Sauce Dish (5.5")
603-Relish dish (9.5")
604-Covered Soup Tureen
606-Low Bowl/Sauce Dish (6")
610-Salad Plate (7.5")
613-Dinner Plate (11.5")
614-Bread Plate (6.25")
615-Grill Plate (Divided, 11")
616-Rectangular Tray (12.5")
617-15" Rectangular Tray
618-Tom and Jerry Mug
635-Cheese Board
639-Muffin Warmers
640-Oval Divided Veggie Bowl (12")
641-Gravy Boat
642-Eggcup-Old Style
642-Eggcup-New Style
644-Oval Veggie Bowl (9.25")
651-Cocktail Cup
652-Canape Tray (with insert for cocktail cup)
654-Sherbet Cup
660-Fish Platter (15.75")
661-Serve-All Tray (11.25", center section)
662-Four Part Relish Server w/ center handle
664-Oval Bowl (12")
665-Divided Salad Dressing Server
666-Individual Salad Dressing Boat
667-Individual Vegetable Bowl (6.25")
668-Toast Cover
669-Rectangular Covered Butter Dish
677-Large Veggie Bowl (8.5")
689-Demitasse Cup
Custard Cup-Old Style


The Colors

Apache Red

Delphinum blue

Jade Green

Lemon Yellow

Pacific Blue

Apricot (scarce)

Sierra White (white glaze is in both matte and gloss versions)

Aqua (late period color)

Rose/Lavender (rare)

desert brown

darkest burnt orange (rare)

black and sand colors, both rare, are seen in the plainware ball pitcher and ball tumblers mainly

Pacific Hostessware plates are strikingly similar to those of another California pottery, Meyers California Rainbow. A side by side comparison is seen below:


Pacific Hostessware

Meyer's California Rainbow

The most striking difference is the height and definition of the ridges/rings in the Pacific Hostessware plate. Of course, all the Pacific Hostessware plates I have ever seen have been marked, whereas only a few of the Meyers plates I have ever seen have had a distinguishable mark.

Trading Anyone?

Are there any collectors out there open to trading for pieces? I'm sure we all have acquired some extra pieces that we might sell or trade. Please email me with a list of wants and what you have for trade and I will try and host a forum for the Pacific Hostessware collectors out there!